What Matters for your Bathroom Tiles?

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In the adventure of installing bathroom tiles for the home, the current trend is to consider. And at the time when you need to choose the right one, there are several options at your disposal. Already, there are thousands of choices for you, so you need to carefully understand the essential factors in your choice. For instance, there are several shapes, sizes, materials, colours and even installation styles. 

Picking the suitable bathroom tiles that can work perfectly for you depends on these factors. But the elements are not all equal in terms of influence and the final output you can obtain. Also, it is one thing to pick a tile pattern for the wall, and it is another to choose the right one for the floor. But generally, having tiles in your bathroom gives you the opportunity for an easy clean and well hygienic environment with a prolonged lifespan. 

Below are the top 5 things that are most important about your choice of bathroom tiles;

Make your bathtub stand out among the bathroom tiles

Depending on the location you pick your water bath, the position of the bath matters in the bathroom tiles you choose for the wall or floor. For example, if your bath happens to adjoin between one or more partitions, the tile surrounding that area requires a careful choice. You may want to consider some set of simple white tiles or a style of travertine or beige colour for the walls. This combination is a great way to highlight the bathtub area while also giving you a waterproof surface on both the wall and floor. 

Feel free to get funky with your floor tiles

Many designers tend to pay more attention to the wall tiles than the floor tiles. But the truth is that they both complement each other, and one can hardly make as much sense without the other. You can experiment with some of the recommended styles and patterns to see how it looks. But the most critical point about this is that you must create a harmonious environment

Meanwhile, if you want to settle for a simplistic design, you can stick to the bathroom tiles black and white colour combination. Note that the black and white can create a chessboard theme, an age-long checkers’ style. Moreover, you can also make use of some wood effects for an age-look. At the same time, creating an exciting theme with your bathroom tiles is one way to make a statement while ensuring safety and inspiration.

Appeal with your enclosures

Another exciting part of your interior designs is using bathroom tiles to make a stunning appeal. In other words, your bathroom tiles on the wall and the floor may not have to be in uniformity with the rest of the bathroom. However, the appeal you are trying to make must be clear to everyone. Moreover, when it comes to tiling, the inside walls within the shower enclosure does not necessarily have to conform to the rest of the bathroom tiling.

So, what options do you have? It would be best if you created a slightly different but complementary colour combination with the bathroom tiles. For example, while the rest of your bathroom has a specific colour with the background, you may choose a different one for the tiling. Besides, if you select another material, you can create s stunning attraction. For instance, you may consider deep blue on contrasting white, black, brown, or greys can also do some magic.  You can learn more about colour theory by clicking here

Use small bathrooms tiles when you have a limited space

In the case of having a small bathroom space, smaller bathroom tiles are more appropriate than bigger ones. Using huge tiles on the surface of a small area makes the bathroom look way smaller. Moreover, since you have many more fanciful designs and styles suitable for small tiles, why not try it in this case? 

At the same time, there are more reasons why you should use your limited bathroom space judiciously. There are many tile options, such as the plain tiles with smaller sizes that pit particularly as smaller bathroom tiles. Two, when you create a bathroom design within a small space, it creates a result that makes your bathroom look spacious. Although it may take some time and effort to finish using small tiles, the eventual output is always worth it.

Your choice of colours must suit the users

One typical example that comes to mind is when you need to have children in the house and add bathroom tiles. You may want to use brightly coloured tiles such as pink or orange, particularly for the wall tiles. Blue colours in their various shade seem to be more common for bathroom tiles, however. In comparison, you can explore other colours like off-white, yellow, and cream. Whichever the case, the choice of colour depends on the final user.

On the contrary, if you hardly spend a lengthy time in the bathroom, you may not need to buy expensive bathroom tiles. Just settle for any plain coloured tile that is easy to clean and maintain. However, if your bathroom is open to every member of the family, then you may want to choose a much bolder colour from the primary class of pigments. Furthermore, if family members are older, focus on style rather than colour with the absence of children.

The Process of getting the bathroom tiles

Finally, now that you have the essential information at your fingertips, it is time to be sure you get it right. The first tip, in this case, is to ensure that you have the best interior decorator to handle your home décor, including the bathroom. Meanwhile, the choice of the stylist is also dependent on your preference. So, it has to be someone who resonates well with your idea with a clear understanding while adding some pinch of creativity. In the end, shop for the best bathroom tiles from the best store with as many varieties as you want. And you can be sure to have an exquisite design with optimum satisfaction.