Hiking Hawksbill Crag

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Back in March, we had a beautiful, warm day amidst our unusually chilly and long winter here in Arkansas. So, we decided to go hiking Hawksbill Crag / Whitaker Point in the Upper Buffalo National River area. The trail is short, about three miles there and back, but it offers some gorgeous views over the hills and valleys of north central Arkansas. The crag has been photographed a multitude of times by Tim Ernst, a popular photographer ’round these parts. Read on to learn how to get to the trail head and see some more photos!

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Morel Hunting in the Ozarks

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You may have already heard of morels. They are a mushroom that is prized both in French cooking and southern cuisine. They grow relatively abundantly here in the Ozarks of North Central Arkansas, and it’s a huge family event to go out and “hunt” them. After collecting enough, families will soak the morels in salty water, fry them up in butter and serve them alongside whatever wild game they hunted the previous winter. Yum.

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